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If you’re looking to keep your ski-doo in pristine condition, you’ll want to get our factory approved and rigorously tested vehicle parts. Make sure to get them installed by one of our trusted partners through our network of trained dealers or you can always just do it yourself. With the right tools you have nothing to worry about. All of our parts are backed by a 1 year warranty.


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Do you know why Ski-Doo sleds have been around so long? Besides being an absolute blast to ride, our sleds keep running in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. To keep them in pristine working condition, we put every nut and bolt online in the Ski-Doo Parts Finder.

Each precision-built part is factory-approved by us to fit your specific machine. We also put them through grueling tests and proudly back them with a one-year warranty. And since there are still plenty of lovingly maintained Ski-Doo snowmobiless out there, our official parts catalog goes back to 1996.

The Ski-Doo Parts Finder is as down-to-earth as our snowmobiles. It’s organized like a repair service manual with exploded-view diagrams. Click on your year and model, then find the assembly or package. Quickly locate smaller components in the drawing or scroll through the parts list.

The Ski-Doo parts catalog also features a real-time inventory tracker to show you what’s in stock. Available parts can be delivered to your door, and most orders ship for free. Or choose in-store pickup for faster repairs. We’ll also tell you how to locate parts that aren’t in stock.

When you get your snowmobile parts or assembly, call up one of our trusted certified dealers. Found throughout the US and Canada, their specially trained Ski-Doo mechanics install parts of any shape and size. Or with the right skills and tools, you can do it yourself. Get parts fast in Ski-Doo Parts Finder. We’ll never leave you stuck in the cold.