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XPS Snowmobile fuel treatment products

Treat your engine right! Ski-Doo has a range of snowmobile fuel additives and fuel treatments to increase engine life, increase performance, and decrease incidents of throttle degradation or hard starts when you're out riding. Our line of fuel treatments are all tested and designed with your Ski-Doo snowmobile in mind.

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How can I keep my snowmobile running as smoothly as possible?

Our first advice would be to ensure you follow the maintenance directions provided in the operator's manual for your snowmobile. If you always use high-performance fuel additives and treatments such as those offered by Ski-Doo, you'll increase the engine life, improve the performance of your snowmobile and decrease the likelihood of mechanical failures. The last thing we want is for you to be stranded miles away from your starting point in the dead of winter. That's why we only offer the best fuel additives.